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Help-info on stegosaur plates

>Date: Wed, 17 Sep 1997 07:32:18 +1000
>To: listproc@usc.edu
>From: Chris Glen <LIGHTHOUSE@harveynorman.com.au>
>Subject: Help-info on stegosaur plates
>This is my first letter to this mailing list, so bear with me...
>I'm currently doing a uni assignment on the "growth and function" of the
plates of Stegosaurus, and urgently need more references and information.
>A fairly good paper is supplied by de Buffrenil, Farlow, and de Ricqles
(1986) entitled "Growth and function of Stegosaurus plates: evidence from
bone histology", which seems sufficient, but I would prefer to have more
than just one view point on the subject. 
>Any one know of other work on this topic? Any more recent work?  
>I've exhausted all avenues available to me at this end (I do have some of
the  popular books as back up Bakker's "The Dinosaur Heresies", Czerkas'
"Dinosaurs: a Global View", and David Norman's "Dinosaur!" and "The
Illustrated Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs").
>Anyway, if any one knows of anything please let me know 
>PS Please ignore silly signiture.
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