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Re: Incredibly preliminary size estimate for new T. rex

Thomas R. Holtz, Jr. wrote:
> Okay, time for a totally unciteable, extraordinarily preliminary size
> estimate for the new T. rex from Montana.
> Grabbing the description of the type specimen of _T. rex_, I find that it
> has a pubis length of 1250 mm (about 49.2 inches).  The new specimen is
> reported at 54 inches, or about 10% longer.
> Assuming (really unsafe assumption) isometry, the new _T. rex_ would have a
> femur length of about 1430 mm (= length of the type (1300 mm) X 1.1), which
> is 50 mm (about two inches) longer than the femur of "Sue".  It would be
> just about the same femoral length as the type of _Giganotosaurus_
> (variously reported as 1430 or 1440 mm).
> So, taking these with a MAJOR chunk of halite (i.e., with more than just a
> grain of salt...), this seems to be a _T. rex_ to rival the type specimen of
> _Giganotosaurus_ now on display at the Academy of Natural Science in
> Philadelphia.
> Of course, there is that *second* specimen of _Giganotosaurus_ to deal with,
> but that's a matter for another time...
> P.S.  Assuming I have the time (HAH!), I'll try to hunt up other pubic
> lengths in tyrannosaurids, and see how they scale against femur length.

Measuring femur lengths, abdominal circumference, head circumference, to
name a few allow for estimation of gestational age and fetal weight in
utereo via ultrasound.  (I know some of these measurements don't apply
to dinosaurs, particularly the soft tissue part).  This is done via
tables incorporated into the software of the machine or readily
calculated.  Has anyone standardized lengths for any bones for any
species of dinosaur.  I realize this may be an incredibly dumb question
since I know there aren't many numbers, gender identity, etc to put this
kind of thing together, but since I shouldn't assume much about
something I really know little of I'll ask anyway.