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Re: unusual question

Probably you are right about the intelligence of the troodon although I have 
some remarks.
Most of the extinction theories ( sorry for the expression but it's true ) are 
useless since they can not explain most of the observations at the K-T 
boundary. Only a few 2-4 are OK, but still they are lacking main evidences and 
only the impact theory could prove that a larger impact can cause mass 
I also believed in the impact theory but I have recognized a small gap on the
theory: they have to exclude the possibility of artifical catastrophes to be 
sure that the cause was a meteorite impact. It is REALLY a silly idea but since
 now i did not find anything against it.
This remark is for the theory.
The second thing is that if a high level of technology have existed millions of
years ago probably you will not find any relic of that if it was existed only 
for a few hundred years.
And one thing about the intelligence of the dinosaurs:
If we know only about one tenth of the ever existed dinosaur species, than 
probably we can say: not the troodon was the most intelligent species.
But you are right. If the Troodon was as smart as the most primitive mammals 
than there is no chance for a really intelligent dinosaur.

Gabor Bihari