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Re: Rigby's Tyrannosaur

At 10:28 PM 17/09/97 GMT, you wrote:
>For those interested in learning some more about Keith Rigby's find, see
the Associated Press article in 
>the _Orlando Sentinel_ at
This site claims the length of the pubis at "at least 52 inches".  According
to my (more crude than Dr. Holtz's equation) calculations, that makes it
1300 mm.  With the type being 1250 mm, I am no longer so impressed.

Rigby was quoted as saying that it was larger than the largest T. rex known,
at 1200 mm.  That is smaller than the type specimen.  Besides this, is the
pubis length for "Sue" even known?  1200 mm is the length reported by John
Hutchinson for the pubis in MOR 555 and that one seems to be a slightly
smaller (all around) one.

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