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SVP & JVP 17 (3)

Hi, everyone.

Just got my copy of the latest issue of Journal of Vert Paleo in the mail,
with the abstract volume for SVP.

First, the issue itself:

Dinosaur papers are:

Hilton, R.P., F.L. DeCourten, M.A. Murphy, P.U. Rodda & P.G. Embree.  1997.
An Early Cretaceous ornithopod dinosaur from California. JVP 17(3):557-560.

The hindlimb of a hypsilophodontian (close to _Hypsilophodon_ and
_Parksosaurus_ in details) from right near the Aptian-Albian transition from
the Chickabally Member, Budden Canyon Formation, Shasta County, CA.

Carpenter, K., D. Russell, D. Baird & R. Denton.  1997.  Redescription of
the holotype of _Dryptosaurus aquilunguis_ (Dinosauria: Theropoda) from the
Upper Cretaceous of New Jersey.  JVP 17(3):561-573.

Not much material for this historically important theropod, but a
significant paper.  Among the historical details revealed is the fact that
_Dryptosaurus_ was actually mounted by Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins
(presumably for the Academy of Natural Sciences at Philadelphia)!  What's
more, photographs of this mount have been published, but it wasn't
recognized as such.  (Check out figure 11.1B in Carpenter, Madsen & Lewis's
1994 paper on mounting vertebrate skeletons in Leggi & May (Eds.) Vertebrate
Paleontological Techniques Volume 1, Cambridge Univ. Press).

Unfortunately, no phylogenetic analysis is conducted.

[Incidentally, the "anonymous reviewer" in the acknowledgments is me.  I
must not be checking off the box that says that it is fine to reveal my
identity to the authors: this isn't the first time this has happened to me
with JVP.]

McCord, R.D.  1997.  An Arizona titanosaurid sauropod and revision of the
Late Cretaceous Adobe Canyon fauna.  JVP 17(3):620-622.

A single caudal vertebra, clearly titanosaurid, which could very well be

Other papers on fossil reptiles include a new prolacertiform from North
Africa (Jalil), a new pistosaurid sauropterygian from Nevada (Sander,
Rieppel, and Bucher), a paper on developmental patterns in the flippers of
icthyosaurs and plesiosaurs (Caldwell), and a new long-necked poposaurid,
_Sillosaurus longicervix_, from the Ischigualasto Fm. of Argentina.

For the SVP meeting:

Dinosaur talks every day!  Some scattered among other theme sessions, but a
dinosaur session runs all day Friday and all Saturday morning.  An
embarrasment of riches...

Unfortunately, the Romer Prize session (which contains several interesting
talks, including Paul Barrett's on the evolution of herbivory in non-avian
dinosaurs) is ALSO on Friday morning.  (In fact, Barrett's talk is at the
same time as Thomas Carr & Rich Essner's talk on cranial ontogeny in
tyrannosaurids, and right before my talk on tyrannosaurid phylogeny).

Too many talks to mention all of them, but some that stand out to me right
now are: phylogenetic position of _Microvenator_ (Makovicky & Sues);
the complete (!!) skull of _Majungasaurus_ (Sampson, Witmer, Forster, Krause
& O'Conner);
a new primitive stegosaur from the Morrison (Carpenter & Miles);
a new specimen of _Mashosaurus_ (Chure, Britt & Madsen);
a new sauropod phylogeny (Upchurch: incidentally, his cladogram is now
converging on the Argentine model & the Wilson-Sereno model, with
Neosaruopoda divided into Diplodocoidea on one branch and
camarasaurs-brachiosaurs-titanosaurs on the other);
analysis of the skull & neck of the new _Apatosaurus exclesus_ specimen
a new phylogenetic analysis of Iguanodontia & Hadrosauridae (Forster);
lots of taphonomy papers;
lots & lots of papers on Madagascar material;

and my favorite title of all:

"One Big Al to go and hold the mayo": evidence of scavenging of a specimen
of _Allosaurus_ from the Morrison Formation (Late Jurassic) of Wyoming.
(Chure & Fiorillo).

Should be fun.  See you in Chi-town!

Thomas R. Holtz, Jr.
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