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Re: Semper Die(again)

John Foust wrote:
> >Well, I've got the SGI machine if somebody wants to slip me a copy of
> >SoftImage or Alias.... :)
> Well, I've got the SGI machine and Alias and Softimage and Wavefront,
> but I don't have the talent to do JP.  You think SGI iron and software
> are expensive?  Try to buy talent, brains or creativity.  :-)
> - John

And the staff of 10+ TRAINED SGI artists who EACH have an SGI (with
mactching software) plus their time, plus sound guys, editing guys,
lighting guys, texture guys, comping guys, scripting guys, storyboarding
and animatic guys, writer guys, at least one technical manager, plus
somebody to keep the network all up and running, someone to fix computer
problems onsite so there is no delay in production, one or two
programmers to write custom tools (if you wanna go hog-wild here), a
director (gotta have one for the union's sake) and someone to pay for
the whole silly thing........
If you can't have all this under one roof, you start shelling out for
contract work and then you have to have someone coordinating all the
out-of-house stuff with the stuff in-house 9and the likelyhood for
incompatible software doubles for each contract house).

           Betty Cunningham  
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