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netiquette and fossil sales

First off, I have to say that I'm a bit concerned by what appears to
me to be a decrease in the civility around here.  I really appreciate
the public comments from others asking people to essentially mellow
out (so I know it's not just me), but I also really wish such messages
weren't deemed necessary.  For those at whom such messages have been
directed -- if you feel you must say something bad about someone,
please do so directly to them rather than involving everyone on the
list.  This is particularly true if the person (or persons) you're bad
mouthing aren't even on the list such that they cannot defend

And as I've written in the big administrative message:

> I have no real desire to be a dictator here, so I welcome
> suggestions about messages which you think warrant disciplinary
> action.

Please take me up on that because a) I'd like to keep the list
somewhat democratic and b) since I'm trying to devote less of my time
to the list I'm tending to let some messages slide without taking
actions I might have taken had they come, say six months ago.  If
others tell me they think I ought to do something I'm more likely to
do it...

Second, I should probably make a statement (to cover my posterior)
that section 8a of the administrative message does not apply to Sue.
I think everybody knows about the auction, so I'm not going to give
anyone grief for talking about it (though I'll change that tune on the
off chance that someone directly involved signs on and tries to use the
list to increase their take on the sale).  I say this mainly because a
few messages have already been technically in violation, but I prefer
to use rules mainly as guidelines; I think it would be stupid of me
not to appreciate that Sue is a special case.  Just for the record...

Anyhoo, if you want to read more of this sort of thing and can't wait
until October 1st, just remember you can go to:


where I offer 24 hour a day service...

Mickey Rowe     (mrowe@indiana.edu)