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Re: T.rex predation

John R. Hutchinson wrote:
> On that whole T. rex wimp/supercarnivore dialectic:
>         This has probably been brought up before, but... Aren't most
> vultures unable to smell things (or at least well)? From what I've read,
> most vultures hunt by sight, not smell. Doesn't that kinda debunk the whole
> olfactory lobe-based analogy? Just idle, pre-coffee morning thoughts...
>                        --John R. Hutchinson

Although birds in general are not particularly known for their
sense of smell, I believe some of the scavenging varieties have
fairly good olfactory systems. Remember the discussion of the
turkey buzzard in "The Lost World"? I think the fairly bulbous
beaks of vultures, condors and the like may be due to the larger
olfactory bulbs than in most bird species, but I could be wrong.

In most cases, the old wives tale (no sexism intended) about baby
birds being rejected by their parents if you touch them because
of the foreign smell you introduce is nonsense. Birds may abandon
a nest if you pester them enough, but I have returned many fallen 
birds to their nest with few problems.
        Dann Pigdon
        Melbourne, Australia