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T.rex in IMAX 3D was Re: Semper Die(again)

Just so that you understand that I'm not really taking this as a
question of my credibility, let's just say that it is undoubtedly the
AOL e-mail server mucking things up again which has prevented this
message from getting through.

As several people (myself included)  have already noted, there is
ALREADY an IMAX 3D dinosaur movie in production as we speak. It is
called T. rex (or something like that or perhaps they'll change the
title if and when they finish the film).

It has been in production for almost 2 years and was supposed to have
been finished by now, but I've not seen a release date announced yet.

It will involve CG animation, but last time I spoke to the IMAX
engineers, the exact company that would do the animation had not been
decided: it was between two firms. If anyone is interested, I can try to
find out the current status. Maybe I'll do that anyway, just for fun.

As far as revenues from IMAX films: To begin with IMAX is an
extraordinarily expensive process. Perhaps comparing documentaries one
to one, IMAX does make relatively more money, but in an absolute sense,
IMAX films take nearly 5 years in order to break even. They are financed
by a truly arcane method of investment sharing that often involves a
large number of museums. None of the producers known to me have ever
made a great fortune from producing an IMAX film. That could change, of
course, but not in the very near future.

As far as there being an additional IMAX dinosaur film, it sounds great!
However, if I were an investor, I'd want to see how the current one did
before chunking more money into a second one. This is not meant to throw
cold water onto some new project, only to put it in perspective, and
demonstrate the need for: (1) an amazingly cool new original money
making boxoffice smashing concept for a second dinosaur film (2) a well
organized and choreographed fundraising effort (3) early and serious
committment by a production team which is willing to slog away at this
day in and day out  for free for  the next 2 or 3 or 4 years (4)
irrevocable commitment by serious paleo folks and dino artists who are
always willing to stick with this through h*** and high water until it
comes ot fruition. Otherwise, the whole idea of making a "scientifically
accurate" dinosaur movie will just resolve itself into yet another "we
did the best that we could" endeavor.

Hope this helps to get the ball rolling in a productive direction.


Mark Sumner wrote:

>  IMAX films typically make a great deal of cash.  They play for long
> periods, are realitively short, and have several showings a day.
> The last time I looked, the IMAX films dominated the charts when it
> comes to
> money made from documentary films.
> Mark Sumner
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