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Ichat Pager Identity = dinogazette

Every anxious to embrace the latest in high-tech nonsense, we have
established an identity on the Ichat Pager Instant Message network.
And, no, this is NOT a commercial!

It is....   dinogazette

Now, imagine, you're sitting there, reading 250 accrued dinolist
e-mails, and you just HAVE to stop and ask me a question! It just won't
wait for AOL to forward your query. And, lucky you, you already have the
ICHAT pager! WOwowow!

You will be able to send me an instant message and I will hear a nifty
little beep on my computer and answer you! Be still my heart!

Actually, the truth is, it gets lonely sitting here on the web all day
revising HTML code, and it would be nice to hear from you.

SO, if you're bored too and have this silly Ichat software (you know.
htttp://www.ichat.com or something) feel free to page me.



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