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Re: New Bird Evolution Book

The Field Museum in Chicago will be offering several lectures on Oct 18:

11:00 AM- Lecture/Book Signing
<< Join paleontologist Tim Rowe, coauthor of the recently published book,
_The Mistaken Extinction: Dinosaur Evolution and the Origin of Birds_, for a
compelling look at current theories about the evolutionary links between
birds and dinosaurs. Rowe will also address the most important and
interesting aspects of dinosaurs: where they came from, where they went and
what they have become.>>

2:00 PM- _Archaeopteryx: The Bird that Rocked the World
<< Peter Wellnhofer, chief curator of the Bavarian State Collection of
Paleontology in Germany, is an expert on _Archaeopteryx_ and pterosaurs
(flying reptiles) and is accompanying the famous bird on its journey to
America. He will be in Chicago for the duration of the exhibit, and will talk
about the prehistoric bird, as well as to offer his thoughts on the meaning
of _Archaeopteryx_ with regard to the origin and early evolution of birds.>>

The above were taken from <<In the Field>> for September-October, the
bulletin of the Field Museum. The _Archaeopteryx, first specimen to be
exhibited in the US, will be on display 10/4-10.19

Those of you fortunate enough to be in town for SVP might want to check these

John P. Adamek