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Re: Solnhofen pic

There may be better sources for Solnhofen limestone quarry photographs, but
you can find photos of this site on pages 14 and 81 of Peter Wellnhofer's
_The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Pterosaurs_ , ISBN 0 86101 566 5,
Salamander Books, London, 1991.

The color photo on page 14 shows two laborers removing slabs of stone.  The
monochrome image on page 81 provides a sweeping panorama of the quarry at
the turn of the century.  For further documentation, I direct you to David
Attenborough's excellent documentary (available on video) entitled _Lost
Worlds, Vanished Lives_, which also provides a look at people working the

Other references: 

Hecht, M.K., Ostrum, J.H. Viohl, G., Wellnhofer, P., Editors
_The Beginnings of Birds: Proceedings of the International Archaeopteryx
Conference_, Eichstatt,1984

Barthel, K.W., Swinburne, N.H.M., Conway Morris,S.
_Solnhofen: A Study In Mesozoic Paleontology_
ISBN 0 521 33344 X, Cambridge University Press

The latter book would probably top the list but for the fact that I only
have at hand certain chapters which I copied (for educational purposes) and
I can't recall FOR SURE what the missing contents are, but I suspect that
the parts I didn't want are the very ones you seek.  It is a small
hardcover book, recently translated from German, and has black-and-white
photographs and illustrations of some of the fossils found at the Solnhofen
quarries.  Not the up-to-date glossy coffee table book treatment the locale
deserves, but definitely worth a look.

Ralph Miller III <gbabcock@best.com>

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> Subject: Solnhofen pic
> Date: Thursday, September 18, 1997 3:52 PM
>    Anybody know of a really good picture of the Solnhofen limestone
> and/or the area surrounding (and, of course, where the picture is to be
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