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>I am searching for the journals that the following psittacosaur species
>recently described:
>_Psittacosaurus sattayaraki_ Buffetaut & Suteethorn, 1992
>_P. ordosensis_ Russell & Zhao, 1996, _P. neimongoliensis_ Russell & Zhao,
>1996, and _P. mazongshanensis_ Russell & Zhao, 1996.
>I am assuming that the last three were published simultaniously...

    For some reason I don't have a reference for Buffetaut and Suteethorn
1992, but I have the other for you.

Russell, Dale A. & X.-J. Zhao. "New psittacosaur occurrences in Inner
Mongolia." Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences - Journal Canadien des
Sciences de la Terre 33(4) (1996) : 637-48.

Here's the abstract:
Psittacosaur materials were collected from seven localities in the course of
Dinosaur Project fieldwork in Inner Mongolia. Two new species of
Psittacosaurus are recognized, bringing the number of well-defined species
to six. One, based on a nearly complete skeleton, resembles Psittacosaurus
mongoliensis, but is a smaller animal with a relatively larger head and
longer tail. The other species possesses jugal horns, but exhibits a
different combination of characters than Psittacosaurus sinensis and
Psittacosaurus xinjiangensis. A larger matrix of taxa and characters than is
presently available will be necessary to resolve adequately phylogenetic
relationships within the genus. Psittacosaurs were small dinosaurs, the
skeletons of which are preserved in unusual completeness in proximity to
aeolian environments of deposition. Their small brain size relative to that
of modern mammals of similar body size implies a relatively restricted
behavioral repertoire.

Hope this helps!

Tempe, Arizona