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Re: T.rex predation

On Fri, 19 Sep 1997, Chris Campbell wrote:

> This is quite a good argument, really; the dromies can't be responsible
> for all the primary killing, and there's no way to fuel that many
> scavengers on deaths via natural causes alone.  I think Horner's main
> idea is that the other tyrannosaurs may well have been hunters but that
> the really big ones like _T. rex_ might have been scavenging the kills
> of others.  While he makes a good argument for why _T. rex_ *could* have
> been a scavenger, there's no evidence that that *must* have been (or was
> even more likely than the alternative) case.
> Chris

I was just wondering, I don't know of any dromy (sp?) of any great size on
the American continent during _T. rex_'s time.  _Utahraptor_ and
_Deinonychus_, the two biggest dromies I know of were from earlier in the
Cretaceous (at least that is my understanding); were there large dromies
during the Campanian or Maastrachian that I am unaware of?