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Re: Incredibly preliminary size estimate for new T. rex

Thomas Holtz wrote...
> Assuming (really unsafe assumption) isometry, the new _T. rex_ would have a
> femur length of about 1430 mm (= length of the type (1300 mm) X 1.1), which
> is 50 mm (about two inches) longer than the femur of "Sue".  It would be
> just about the same femoral length as the type of _Giganotosaurus_
> (variously reported as 1430 or 1440 mm).

     All of which just goes to support the notion that given the miserable
sample size for the Big Three (Tyrannosaurus, Giganotosaurus, and
Charcharodontosaurus), all we can really say for certain is that:
1) they are all ABOUT the same size, and: 
2) this size may represent the upper limit for theropods.
     How does the scale of the new T.rex compare with the big Berkeley

LN Jeff