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Re: T.rex predation

Mark Sumner wrote:
> That's actually not a bad way of looking at it.  If T. rex was not a
> predator, then what was the primary predator of Triceratops and large late
> K hadrosaurs?  Is there another handy candidate?
> Saying that T. rex was a scavenger and the other tyranosaurs were
> predators seems like something of a stretch.  T. rex doesn't seem to be
> diverging from the path that the tyranosaurs followed from their
> inception -- ever bigger bodies to hold up ever bigger heads armed with ever
> larger teeth.
> Mark
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        And if the largest theropods were primarily scavengers,
than what did the larger herbivores have to worry about? Why those
diplodicid whip tails, or stegosaur tail spikes, of shunosaur /
ankylosaur tail clubs? I imagine they were not particularly useful
against smaller, faster moving objects like dromies, etc.
        Dann Pigdon
        Melbourne, Australia