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Psittacosaur ref correction

You wrote: 
>>I am searching for the journals that the following psittacosaur species
>>recently described:
>>_Psittacosaurus sattayaraki_ Buffetaut & Suteethorn, 1992
>>_P. ordosensis_ Russell & Zhao, 1996, _P. neimongoliensis_ Russell & Zhao,
>>1996, and _P. mazongshanensis_ Russell & Zhao, 1996.
>>I am assuming that the last three were published simultaniously...
>    For some reason I don't have a reference for Buffetaut and 
>1992, but I have the other for you.

Here they are, the second one is the one that the species was named.

Buffetaut, E., Sattayarak, N., and Suteethorn, V. 1989. A 
psittacosaurid dinosaur from the Cretaceous of Thailand and its 
implications for the palaeogeographical history of Asia. Terra Nova, 
Vol. 1: 370-373.

Buffetaut, E., and Suteethorn, V. 1992. A new species of the 
ornithischian dinosaur Psittacosaurus from the Early Cretaceous of 
Thailand. Palaeontology, Vol. 35, Part 4: 810-822.

Also, Russell and Zhao only described P. ordosensis_, _P. 
neimongoliensis_. _P. mazongshanensis_ was not described by Russell & 
Zhao, 1996 and is at this time, AFIK a nomen nudum.