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Lost email from 9/16-9/19 Please Resend

Hello All.

Sorry (again) to add to the clutter for a strictly AOL related problem but I
have no choice as I had been communicating off line with several list members
at the time of _another_ crash!

This time it's AOL for WIN 95 that crashed. I have lost ALL saved
correspondances and emails that I was both waiting for replies on and also a
few that I was going to reply to. Well that's all gone to Hell and I don't
remember all those with whom I had been  communicating with. Sorry! It's been
a bad week!

So, if anybody out there has been waiting for replies from me re any mail
 sent during the last _week_ please resend it. 

(Jonh Bois, did you get my offer and/or did you send a reply?)

My system is still not up to 100% but at least I can get mail in and out.

My apologies (again)!

Thomas R. Lipka
Paleontological/Geological Studies