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Re: T.rex predation

On Fri, 19 Sep 1997, Chris Campbell wrote:

> But these aren't deer, they're nesting dinosaurs.  Nests smell, due to
> the combination of food brought by the parents, wastes, many occupants
> of the nest, and so on.  Hadrosaurs couldn't use the same strategies as
> deer.

Well, they could.  But I agree that they wouldn't do it as well as deer.
Another negative for hadrosaurs is the inefficiency of food.  A deer
converts bulk forage into high quality milk.  A hadrosaur must bring raw
forage or regurgitate somewhat processed forage.  These are not as
efficient and the parent would probably have to do it more often (alerting
preds. at the same time)--and it would be more smelly and noisy.  All in
all, if I were a hadrosaur hatchling, I would cast my lot with the herd.