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SVP Breakfast

Paul Willis wrote:

>How will you identify the other dinolist breakfast goers? Mary Kirkaldy
>will volunteer to make up a conspicuous sign to place on a table set aside
>for 15 people. (She doesn't know this yet, but I'm sure that she will sort
>this out).

Since Martha Stewart is not known to be a dinophile, I guess I can decorate a
table with a tasteful, but very conspicuous, sign reading “Dinosaur List

If you would like to attend, but have not told Paul yet, please do so.  Last
minute attendees can contact me at the Ramada Congress after Wednesday noon
arrival.  I will give the restaurant a final count on Thursday, so that we
don’t have 25 people wanting to occupy a table set for 15.

To reiterate details:

>Place   :the Gazebo Restaurant, Ramada/ Congress Hotel
>Time    :7:30am till 8:30am
>Date    :10th October  (Friday)

>Second lastlyest; Thanks to Stacey Kocian and Mary Kirkaldy for helping to
>organise this.

Stacey--please contact me off-list so that we may coordinate this historic