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Re: Better than cloning-some reptiles can have virgin births

Bettyc wrote:
> The San Jose Mercury news had this article in it a couple of days ago.
> http://spyglass.sjmercury.com/scitech/docs/072757.htm
> Some virgin snakes able to give birth
> " Thus began a series of phone calls, e-mail discussions and a battery
> of genetic
>  tests on three different species of snakes, culminating this month in
> the
>  publication of a groundbreaking pair of scientific papers that document
> the
>  existence of fatherless reproduction in snakes."
> ....more in the article
> --
>            Betty Cunningham
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        There is also a species of skink in Australia that does this.
There are no males of the species at all. Occationally an egg layed
by a species of fowl will also hatch without needing to be
fertilised, but the offspring are usually stunted and deformed.

        Dann Pigdon
        Melbourne, Australia