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Re: T.rex and elephants

Sean Connell writes:

>And elephants can't run due to the construction of their ankles.

Do you have a reference for this? I'm working on elephant locomotory
biomechanics and have never come across a ref that corroborates that.

>We might
>not be able to say with certainty HOW FAST theropods were or HOW STRONG
>their legs were, but can anybody look at an elephant's legs and hips in
>comparison to those of _Tyrannosaurus_ and say that the theropod wasn't
>the faster of the the two?

Well, I can't. For one, elephants amble (not run; different gait and
different mechanics) on four legs, not two. I don't have the ref to support
this, but I think it's farily safe to say that most of their weight is
supported on their forelimbs, too. I don't find it easy to compare
theropods and elephants in terms of anatomy, although the overall hindlimb
mechanics of large theropods and elephants might be similar, who knows?

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