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Re: T-rex predation

Stephen Faust wrote:
> Is it not a fact that almost all carnivores are hunter - predators?
> Steve

This "T.rex predation" discussion has invoked comparisons of T.rex with   
everything from sharks to vultures, but has omitted (as far as I am   
aware) any comparison to an Orca.  The Orca (and a few of its cetacean   
relatives) are the only living 5+ ton, hot blooded, carnivorous (strictly   
carnivorous in the wild, I believe) animals that have only their teeth as   
a killing mechanism.  We've all seen footage of individual Orca taking a   
sea lion or a seal, but I also recall seeing some footage of a pod of   
Orca pursuing and eventually killing (in a very gruesome manner) a full   
grown blue whale.

Perhaps Mr. T. not only dined alone on a hadrosaur or ceratopsian, but   
perhaps a half a dozen or so occasionally joined forces to bring down one   
of those large Cretaceous sauropods?