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Brain Evolution

If Dale Russell's increasing brain size theory were true, wouldn't the
oldest vertebrates (like fish?) be mental giants by now?  Frankly that
"dinosauroid" has no business at all being presented as any kind of
science, IMHO.  And for that matter, his Therezinosaurs/ chalicothere/
ground sloth model is about as dubious.  No disrespect meant, but Dale has
some... unusual ideas.

> From: Dictator-for-life Calvin <MWEDEL@gslan.offsys.ou.edu>
> To: dinosaur@usc.edu
> Subject: Re: Troodon again
> Date: Monday, September 22, 1997 10:41 AM
> >There has not been (as far as I know) a general trend throughout the
> >Cenozoic in developing ever increasing large brain size.  In other
> >mammals are (on the average) no brainier today then they were at any
> >other time in the Cenozoic (expect possibly the Paleocene?). Based on
> >evidence as you presented, our hypothetical paleontologist would have
> >just as likely to predict a sapient species during the Miocene, of
> >Oligocene; and he would have been WRONG.  
> I haven't read the papers, but didn't Dale Russell posit an 
> increasing brain size through time for vertebrates that would have 
> produced a hominid brain-body ratio in the next 25 million years?  
> Now, I am not supporting the originator of this thread in supposing 
> that intelligent troodons with enriched iridium bombs precipitated 
> the K-T extinctions, I'm just curious as to whether Russell's 
> increasing intelligence trend is "real," and how it has been 
> received.
> Thanks,
> Matt Wedel