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Re: Protoceratops the aggressor

Rob Meyerson wrote:
> Bryan Stahl writes;
> > I may be totally off on this, but I've often thought that Protoceratops may
> >have been similar to modern pigs:  opportunistic omnivores (herbivorous
> >unless eggs or carrion are available, but not dependent on them.)    Anyone
> >have thoughts on this?
> Some modern herbivores will eat meat if the opportunity arises (white-tailed 
> deer have been spotted eating fish that have been washed up onto the shore of 
> lakes and rivers), so the idea of a confirmed herbivore having an omlet is 
> not out of the question.  Protoceratops lived in a relatively arid 
> environment, and any survival edge it came across would undoubtedly be 
> seized, to cope with the difficult conditions.  If it knew that a ready meal 
> was available in another animal's nest, then it may jus
> Of course, the difficult-to-prove question remains:  Did it do this????
> As an aside, the environmental interpretation of Protoceratops-bearing beds 
> has left me a little confused.  The sedimentology suggests a heavily 
> sand-dominated environment, which would suggest dry conditions (or at least 
> one with little sand-trapping vegatation; this could be synonymous).  OTOH, 
> the sediments have a red color, which would suggest that water was abundant 
> (oxidation being the major factor), not to mention the reports of plesiosaur 
> material.  How do we balance these two ideas
> Shalom,
> Rob Meyerson
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> "Keep your stick on the ice."
>         -Red Green

        I seem to have read somewhere that the area probably had
seasonal rains followed by harsh dry seasons. Perhaps the aquatic
life left the area before the water dried up (if it ever fully
disappeared). Some areas of Africa are similar, where hippos and
crocs are sometimes forced to move about during the dry season.
Of course I can't see plesiosaurs moving over land (not without
severe gravel rash).
        Dann Pigdon
        Melbourne, Australia