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Re: Help-info on stegosaur plates #2

Thanks Gigi,

>As much as I respect Stephen Czerkas, I must concede that his view of
>_Stegosaurus_ as having a single row of alternating plates has definitely
>fallen out of favor of late.  As Dinogeorge has pointed out, other genera
>of stegosaurs (the Chinese forms, I believe) have been found which
>apparently had a double row of plates, so we would expect to see the same
>in _Stegosaurus_, too.

I was starting to wonder about that, but I didn't know how complete the
other stegosaur remains were, so I was beginning to convince myself the
single row was most plausible (though not to accept it as gospel). Thanks
for the info.

Any info on the structural strength of _Stegosaurus_ plates and spines and
those of other stegosaurs that would rule them out as armour/weapons? If the
spines of something like _Kentrosaurus_ were too weak for this role then
what were they for? The information I have is only based on studies of
_Stegosaurus_, and it indicates these structures were too weak, had no horny
sheath and were not mobile.


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