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Tripped out

Hello all,

I cannot believe we're back around to the falling Tyrannosaur thread again!

Did T. rex ever fall, while running? Would such a fall have been fatal? Did
such a danger make these beasts cautious?

In total agreement with Dr. Holtz, read the paper and make up your own
mind. Just about everyone, including Dr. Farlow, knows my feelings on these
points. My biggest obstacle to acceptance are the unknowns;

1. Reaction time of the subject.
2. The living flex in the T. rex skull.( not what can be infered from the
fossil record).
3. The posture of an running and attacking T. rex.
4. Lack of an extant comparative species.

Raw data, without real world models, can approach a problem from only one
direction. While these numbers are no doubt correct, a living creature has
ways to adapt to the harshness of life, or they would never arise. Having
said all this before, a few times, to continue is pointless.

Roger A. Stephenson