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dinosaur brains

First of all, thanks for the interesting answers from everybody. Don't be upset,
my goal is to improve our knowledge and the flexibility of thinking. Because 
only this can leeds us to new discoveries.
You are right when you says, the same brain to body mass ratio does not mean 
same level of intelligence. The smallest mammals and birds only a few grams of 
weight have quite large brain to body mass ratios something like the primates 
have. Of course it does not means that they have the same level of 
intelligence. This effect is something minimum brain size effect that comes 
from the fact that the nerve cell sizes cannot be reduced after all. The large
sauropods were not so stupid with their very low ratio and the colibri is not
so clever like the chimpanze. (Also important that this ratio is the average
of the species, Einstein did not have a huge brain, you can have 1-2 kg of 
brain without extreme intelligence or stupidity
But also do not forget that I was speaking about such animals that nearly have
the same size or at least the same order of magnitude, from 30-300kilograms.
I did not speak about shrew.

And it seems there is a bit of misunderstanding between us. The Troodon 
probably could not evolve to an intelligent species, that's right. I tried to
say that another branch of dinosaurs relatives of the Troodontidae that we DOES
NOT KNOW (since we do know SOMETHING about a few percent of the dinosaurs) may
be evolved to an intelligent species.
And because Dale Russell (who otherwise I think the best expert of these guys)
was speaking about 20-30 million years required for the Troodon, I think if an
unknown species had the same level of intelligence 30 million years before the
extinction than we have to count with the possibility of an intelligent 
I do not know what was in the skull of a Troodon but I am afraid you also don't
know too much about it. The development of the cerebral hemispheres are 
important in the human evolution but who knows how another intelligent species
would evolve?

But what was the use of the hand of the coelurosaurs? (thanks for the proper 
name) I don't know and I'm curious.
And finally: don't forget the Late Cretaceous dinosaurs evolved separately from
the birds. You can try to compare them to each other but not in the case of the
evolution that has happened later.
Otherwise thanks once more for the informations.
Do I drive you crazy? He-he
Someone wrote:mammals are not brainier now than before. What your girlfriend or
wife thinks about it?