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Re: Tripped out

> Date:          Mon, 22 Sep 1997 22:00:45 +0100
> Reply-to:      roger@arkansas.net
> From:          roger@arkansas.net (Roger A. Stphenson)
> To:            dinosaur@usc.edu
> Subject:       Tripped out

> Hello all,
> I cannot believe we're back around to the falling Tyrannosaur thread again!
> Did T. rex ever fall, while running? Would such a fall have been fatal? Did
> such a danger make these beasts cautious?
> In total agreement with Dr. Holtz, read the paper and make up your own
> mind. Just about everyone, including Dr. Farlow, knows my feelings on these
> points. My biggest obstacle to acceptance are the unknowns;
> 1. Reaction time of the subject.
> 2. The living flex in the T. rex skull.( not what can be infered from the
> fossil record).
> 3. The posture of an running and attacking T. rex.
> 4. Lack of an extant comparative species.
> Raw data, without real world models, can approach a problem from only one
> direction. While these numbers are no doubt correct, a living creature has
> ways to adapt to the harshness of life, or they would never arise. Having
> said all this before, a few times, to continue is pointless.
> Roger A. Stephenson
This is what I was trying to say, but it just didn't come out as 
eloquently.  And I have read the paper.  The comments were for the 
list, not Dr. Farlow.