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Re: Troodon again

> Ah...,  I see where you might be misled.  Don't forget to scale you
> brain/body ratios to the *total body size*.  If you don't, you wind up with
> nonsense like kittens of _Felis cattus_ having four or five the brain/body
> size as adult _Panthera leo_ (with no apparently stupidity in lions compared
> to kittens), or rodents having greater brain/body sizes than humans!

     Exactly; absolute brain size is about as important, and possible even
more important, then the size of the brain relative to the body.  Since
the size of the neuron (brain cell) in most vertebrates are about the
same size, as ABSOLUTE not relative brain size) goes up, so does the
NUMBER OF NEURONS.  In practical terms, this means that large animals have
a greater chance of evolving intelligence then small animals.  An ant
sized animal has little chance of evolving intelligence, because it can
fit fewer brain cells into its head. We might not seem like very large
animals compared to say, a whale, but when you consider that most animals
are insects, most mammals are rodent-sized, and even most primates are
considerably smaller then us, it is clear we are well above average size.  
If you wanted to identify a sapient dinosaur, you would want one that had
a brain size that was ABSOLUTELY larger then most, not just relative to
its opwn body size.

LN Jeff