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Re: Help-info on stegosaur plates #2

> There was also an indication of more small osteoderms
> on the body, but their arrangement was unclear.  The Denver Museum of
> Natural History has adjusted their _Stegosaurus_ mount to reflect this new
> information.  

      The neck ossicles are known from other Stegosaurus specimens, but
the "osteoderms" are probably nonexistant.  Ken though he saw some tiny
scute-like things over the rear part of the body when the Stegosaurus was
still in the field.  During the re-mounting of the Denver Museum's
original Stegosaurus, he made a bunch of little osteoderms and placed them
over the pelvic region.  However, as the Garden Park Stegosaurus was
prepared, there was no sign of the osteoderms, so Ken decided that he had
imagined them or misidentified them in the field.  However (as I heared
the story), the museum won't let him take the osteoderms off, because by
the time the error had been found the placard for the exhibit describing
thier presence had already been made and it would have been a pain to
change it!

LN Jeff