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Re: dinosaur brains

Jeff Martz wrote:

> Paleontology requires a careful balance between assigning too
> much certainty to speculation and overly disregarding our knowledge
> and understanding of modern animals to say "fossil animals are
> extinct; they might have been made of helium or thought with thier
> olfactory bulbs for all we know".  Both the falling T-rex debate and
> this troodntid brain discussion seem to me to be treading a little
> too heavily toward the latter.  Yes, there are always possibilities, and
> the finest details will probably never be nailed down.  However, if
> we are just going to completely shuck such highly suggestive data as basic
> physics, knowledge of the capabilities and limits of tissues in modern
> animals, andthe general consistency of brain design and function in modern
> animals, then we might as well label paleontology as a completely
> fruitless endevour and go do something else with our time.

Bravo, Jeff. Well said.

Brian (franczak@ntplx.net)