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Threadbare Falling Rexes and Martian Troodons

 I would like to echo Brian Franczak's bravo for Jeff Martz's posting. I
would also like to ruminate on the two threads for a minute, if I may.
 First, Dale Russell's brainy Troodon of the future. Maybe he's done an essay
on this topic already and I've missed it, but where is Stephen Jay Gould when
you need him? This is wonderful grist for his mill. Read the first chapter of
his book,_Wonderful Life_. This homocentric business of, if given the chance,
some types of dinosaurs, had they not bumped into the effects of an asteroid,
would have evolved into some kind of humanosaurs is the stuff his essays are
made of. Just keep evolving, kids, and someday you'll be human and have a
belly button too. 
 Secondly, I'm not worried about Tyrannosaurus falling , however... I think
it was Greg Paul who first restored the theropods with an obvious pubic boot.
I had always thought that the gastrailia connected with this part of the
anatomy. Greg and Mark Hallett don't and I'm sure they have good reason for
doing so. Go to page 301 of Greg Paul's _Predatory Dinosaurs of the World_.
It's one of my favorite Paul restorations, Harley Garbani's giant
Tyrannosaurus chasing a bare-naked lady. I don't want to offend, but the
Tyrannosaurus seems to be pretty excited visa-vi the pubic boot. Now just
imagine that classical cartoon director, Tex Averey, is directing this
sequence and Greg's Tyrannosaur runs into one of Doug Henderson's
restorations with all those stumps and fallen logs. Ouch! Just something I
wonder about- sorry.
Dan Varner.