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Re: Help-info on stegosaur plates #2

Christopher Glen wrote:

<Any info on the structural strength of _Stegosaurus_ plates and spines and
those of other stegosaurs that would rule them out as armour/weapons? If the
spines of something like _Kentrosaurus_ were too weak for this role then
what were they for? The information I have is only based on studies of
_Stegosaurus_, and it indicates these structures were too weak, had no horny
sheath and were not mobile.>

Well, Kentrosaurus, as well as other members of the Stegosauria, probably
used their spikes, spines, protrusions, and osteoderms as...

1.) A form of protection (osteoderms protected the neck from being
2.) A form of defense (some may have just fibbed out of the situation by
LOOKING scary <a Jurassic predator probably wouldn't have wanted to stay
around to find out if those spikes could do damage>)
3.) Territorial displays (they could have used them in rivalry contests
between individuals in herds or made them flashy during mating season <like