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Jon Wagner wrote:
<<Pardon me for mailing before I have fully reviewed Sereno's new
paper, but is it true that Eumaniraptora (= {+_Deinonychus_, + "birds"}?)
and Paraves (= {+_Deinonychus_, + "birds"}?) are both scheduled to be
unveiled at SVP (e.g. are published in the formal abstracts)? Would this
then constitute a case to be resolved using "page priority"? After all,
Padian, Hutchinson, and Holtz (hello!) does come before Wilson and

Um, maybe.  Sereno 1997 does not formally define PARAVES, just lists it as
the node linking an undefined Deinonychosauria (which has the implied
topology {_Deinonychus_ + _Stenonychosaurus_}).  There is a footnote for this
taxon name, attributing it to Wilson and Sereno's 1997 (still yet to be
published) sauropod phylogeny paper.  The taxon name MACRONARIA (camarasaurs,
brachiosaurs, titanosaurs etc [probably {_Titanosaurus_ > _Diplodocus_}]) is
attributed to Sereno 1997 as a new taxon in the paper.  I have a hunch that
the footnotes were switched here.

So in any case....  Paraves was never defined formally in Sereno 1997.  I
have not yet seen the SVP abstracts because I have been busy (tomorrow
hopefully), so I am unsure as to whether Paraves and Eumaniraptora are
actually defined, and if so, what their definitions are.  

I have a feeling though, that Paraves' definition rests on the definition of
Deinonychosauria as it was used as an anchor taxon in Sereno 1997.  If
Deinonychosauria is defined as {_Deinonychus_ + _Stenonychosaurua_}, then
Paraves becomes a junior subjective synonym of Maniraptoriformes:
{_Deinonychus_ + _Stenonychosaurus_ + _Corvus_} vs {_Ornithomimus_ +
_Corvus_}.  If Deinonychosauria is stem-based {_Deinonychus_ > _Corvus_}, on
the other hand, then Eumaniraptora and Paraves become at least subjective
synonyms of eachother, if not objective ones (I am unsure of the dromaeosaur
anchor for Eumanirpatora), then I think page priority would have to supercede
because, as I stated before, Paraves was only named and not formally defined
in Serenon 1997.

Please correct me if I am blatently wrong on some point here....

Peter Buchholz

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