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Re: Eumaniraptora vs. Paraves

At 06:31 PM 9/23/97 -0500, you wrote:
>        Pardon me for mailing before I have fully reviewed Sereno's new
>paper, but is it true that Eumaniraptora (= {+_Deinonychus_, + "birds"}?)
>and Paraves (= {+_Deinonychus_, + "birds"}?) are both scheduled to be
>unveiled at SVP (e.g. are published in the formal abstracts)? Would this
>then constitute a case to be resolved using "page priority"? After all,
>Padian, Hutchinson, and Holtz (hello!) does come before Wilson and Sereno...

Paraves is stem-based (it is in regular print, not bold, on Sereno's Table
1).  It is presumably defined as "birds and all taxa closer to birds than to

Eumaniraptora is node-based: all descendants of the most recent common
ancestor of _Deinonychus_ and Aves.

As currently understood, Eumaniraptora is a node within Paraves. (If,
however, _Oviraptor_ turns out to be closer to modern birds than is
_Deinonychus_, Paraves becomes a group within Eumaniraptora).

Hope this helps.

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