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I am sorry to announce that JurassiCon, the Southeastern Dinosaur
Convention (June 5-7, 1998) has been officially CANCELLED.

To sum up the situation, the organizing committee of JurassiCon recently
discovered major problems with it's chosen hotel site.  The problems
could not be resolved with the hotel management, and were severe enough
cause us great concern about holding the event at this site. 
Consequently, it was decided to seek another site and attempt to relocate
the venue location. Unfortunately, finding another site which met our
needs in terms of space, scheduling,  and cost factors has proven

As indicated, a MAJOR factor involved the cost of the site. The $deal$ we
had gotten with our original site was outstanding, and no other could
come close.  The interest level shown in JurassiCon has been mediocre at
best, and memberships to the convention had not elevated to the level
necessary to sustain this event's operating costs based on a new site

JurassiCon was the personal brainchild of myself and my Co-Chair, Lewis
I cannot tell you how disappointed we are that it has come to this. We
have been plagued from the start by the fact this was a first-time event
and the odds were against it, but to have come so far without results is
even more annoying.  We would like to say THANKS to everyone out there
who offered their help, ideas, and talents to JurassiCon over the last
year.  We could not have gotten even this far without the enthusiastic
support of true Dinosaur fans like you.

Anyone who has purchased a membership to JurassiCon will receive a full
refund in the mail within the next 2-3 weeks.The same goes for Exhibitors
who purchased space in the show hall.   We will be sending out SnailMail
notices to everyone on our mailing lists this week.   If you have any
questions in the meantime, please feel free to contact me by phone below.

William Bevil
Co-Chairman, JurassiCon
P.O. Box 98308 - Atlanta, GA 30359
(770) 455-6995 8am-5pm e.s.t.
JurassiCon@juno.com  OR  ceratosaur@juno.com
visit our web page: http://www.esosoft.com/evolution