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Dinosaurs in India

In July this year I read the following in an Indian newspaper report:

"Geological Survey of India sources said that fossils of dinosaur
bones, teeth and eggs dating to the Eocene geological period had been
found in Kuchcim Khera and Dahod areas of Gujarat adjoining the
Banswara district of Rajasthan. Over the past one-and-a-half decade
excavations have suggested that this western part of the country was
inhabited by dinosaurs during the Eocene period.

Recently fossils of eggs of the extinct giant reptile were found in
the Dahod region by a GSI team led by Dr U B Mathur. In 1982,
geologists had found fossils of bones of dinosaurs in Rahioli village
of Khera district in Gujarat. Eggs fossils of dinosaurs were later
found in Dholidhanti, Merakheri and Vaniavav areas of Dahod region in
the Panchmahal district."

Does this make any sense to anybody? I would be grateful for 
information on the current status of knowledge on Dinosaurs in India. 
I'm a zoologist but not a palaeontologist, collecting 
material for a popular book on Indian nature. Are there any recent 
publications that could be recommended on the subject? 

With thanks in advance for any help!

Mark Tritsch

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