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       Sorry to clutter the list with this, so I'll try to include a
little relevancy.  Please reply off list unless it has to do with number
6. I am looking for relatively up to date information and technical
references on the following:

1)  Triconodonts from the Cloverly Formation, in particular one that
    should have been published around 1980 or so by Jenkins 

2) The nature of pelycosaur skin.  I have heared mention that it was more
   likely to be glandular or keratenized then scaled, and I would like
   some information.  Why is it assumed that scales are a "reptile"
   (cladist usage) rather then amniote synapomorphy?  Are hairs derived
   from scales, or derived in some other way from the epidermis?  My
   Mammalogy T.A insinuated that beaver, rodent, etc... tail scales are
   evoltuionary holdovers of eary synapsid scales.  Is he full of it?  

3) The status of amphilestids.  Are they still included with the

4) Is the ventral process on docodont jaws homologous with the angular
   process of therians, or the similar feature on monotremes?

5) ANY sort of post-1979 (publication date of "Mesozoic Mammals", my main
   reference) overveiw of Mesozoic mammal evolution.

6) Papers or discussion of the place of mammals, particularly DIFFERENT
   mammal groups, in Mesozoic small vertebrate ecology. 
P.S.; would it have KILLED them to do the IMAX documentary style?  Why are
      they cluttering things up with Quanternary naked apes?
LN Jeff