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New NW paleo web page

Ladies and Gentlemen,

        I would like to announce the official opening of my new web site: Sam
Girouard's Northwest Paleontology Site. On it is much information on NW
paleontology, including a section on fossil vertebrates from Washington.
        There is also a section on the search for dinosaur remains in
British Columbia, Idaho, Oregon and Washington. There are a lot of
references in this section, as well as a large amount of unpublished data on
dinosaurs and fossil birds from Vancouver Island and Oregon. Please bear in
mind that the site is copyrighted, and any reproduction of original
information should be done with my permission.
        The URL is:


        Comments and questions regarding the site are gratefully accepted. 
bear in mind that the site is still under serious construction, and what is
now on-line is really just a skeleton to build upon.

Good hunting,