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gbt <tocabear@worldnet.att.net> wrote:
>>I've seen info coming out of Argentina about dinosaur discoveries, but
>>does anyone know if any dino's have been found in Mexico proper? I know
>>of a tyranosaurae specimin found in BiG Bend Texas near the Mexican
>>border, but have not found any literature about any discoveries in
>>Mexico. Was it underwater during this time?

If memmory serves me correctly, central america was submerged from the
early cretacious through the tertiary period. The most likely specimens
would be marine animals (saurian and mammalian). 
One caveat however. I recently read an article in Discover magazine about
"terror birds" of south america. It gave their dates as being from the
miocene(?) but later claimed that fossils have been found as far north as
Texas and Florida. I think they postulated that land bridges may have
periodically risen and allowed them to migrate north, or that they
survived much longer than previously expected and were eventually hunted
to extinction. They point out that both hypotheses are pure speculation.