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Re: Mexico

You wrote: 
>I've seen info coming out of Argentina about dinosaur discoveries, but
>does anyone know if any dino's have been found in Mexico proper? I know
>of a tyranosaurae specimin found in BiG Bend Texas near the Mexican
>border, but have not found any literature about any discoveries in
>Mexico. Was it underwater during this time?
>New Orleans

There is now an incredible amount of Late Cretaceous material comeing out of 
Mexico. Near the New Mexico, Texas and Mexico border, Late Cretaceous 
formations have hadrosaurs (some with skin impressions), theropods, ornith
opods, etc. Also, a kritosaur was found and mounted in a Museum by Rene 
Hernandze. There is also ?Lambeosaurus laticatlus (sic), the tyrannosaur 
Labocania (Ralph Molnar comfermed his belief on this identification). There 
is also another dinosaur, that I'm currently working on with Jim Kirkland 
that...well, you'll just have to wait for Dinofest 1998 for that one.