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Re: Blikanasaurus

Anne Keller wrote:

<Thank you for all the information my class of third graders has received
about the non-dinosaur, Nothosaurus.  They are determined to research
these lesser known prehistoric animals.  Another one that they have
found very little information about is Blikanasaurus.  Does anyone have
any information on this particular animal? I hesitate to say "dinosaur"
after our latest error.  Any information would be much appreciated.
Anne Keller>

I think you will be happy to know that Blikanasaurus is a real dinosaur.
 Blikanasaurus cromptoni was an early prosauropod which lived during the Late
Triassic period, about 225 million years ago.  It was heavily built and its
exact size is not known.  It had a long neck and ate low-growing plants.  Its
remains have been found in South Africa.  Since the remains of this dinosaur
are so scanty, it is hard to give you a lot of information.  A good source of
information on dinosaurs is in a book I highly recommend called The Dinosaur
Society Dinosaur Enclyclopedia by Don Lessem and Donald F. Glut.  It contains
over 600 species of dinosaurs and has over 400 original illustrations.

Good Luck,
Chandler Gibbons
Arvada Colorado