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At 03:40 PM 9/28/97 -0700, Glenn wrote:

>> Note: most references to "Albertosaurus" are inaccurate.  They in fact are
>> specimens of the genus Gorgosaurus, a distinct form.  True Albertosaurus (A.
>> sarcophagus) is best known from the Horseshoe Canyon Formation of Alberta,
>> which has very few fossil-bearing equivalents in the U.S. (the Meeteetsee
>> Fm. being one).
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>Thanks for the info. One lister was kind enough to put me on to the
>Albertosaurus find in 1982 around Montgomery, Alabama. As a professional
>paleontologist, is there contention that this find may be something
>other than Albertosaurus? Let me know what you think if you get a

I am, in fact, one of the very, very few professional tyrannosaurid

Almost every reference to "Albertosaurus" between 1970 and the present is
actually to Gorgosaurus.  I have not seen (in person) the Alabama specimen,
so I can't say for certain, but chances are pretty good it is a Gorgosaurus
rather than an Albertosaurus (although it could be the latter, or even
another tyrannosaurid taxon).

Good cranial material would help resolve this, although there are a few
postcranial synapomorphies in Gorgosaurus.

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