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Re: Blikanasaurus

> Thank you for all the information my class of third graders has received
> about the non-dinosaur, Nothosaurus.  They are determined to research
> these lesser known prehistoric animals.  Another one that they have
> found very little information about is Blikanasaurus.  Does anyone have
> any information on this particular animal? I hesitate to say "dinosaur"
> after our latest error.  Any information would be much appreciated.

     I have never heard of Blikanasaurus, but you might not want to focus
on dinosaurs that are TOO obscure; the reason being that a lot of the
really infrequently encountered genera are likely known only from
fragmentary remains of single or few specimens, and you probably wont get
a lot out of them.  I don't know if this applies to Blikanasaurus, but
there are lots of less popular, interesting and/or fairly well known
dinosaurs out there.  Members of this list can come up with some good
ones, but I might suggest:

Shunosaurus: a sauropod from China with a club at the end of its tail,
             known from several complete skeletons.
Maleevosaurus: a small tyrannosaur from Mongolia (you might have some
               trouble finding popular references for this one). 
Anatotitan: A huge duckbilled dinosaur that lived in the time of T.rex.
Cryolophosaurus: a theropod from Antarctica with a big "snow-shovel"
                 shaped crest on its head. 
LN Jeff