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Dinosaur locations

Hi, all
Having spent a couple of days poring over a large atlas, I still have a
couple of dinosaur locations that I cannot track down. If anyone has any
information on these I'd appreciate hearing from you. Latitude and longitude
would be ideal, but nearest large city or obvious landmark would do:

Gres rouges infrace nomaniens, Tafilalt, southern MOROCCO
(Sigilmassasaurus, Spinosaurus)
Barun Goyot Formation, Khuren Dukh, Gobi desert, MONGOLIA
Yalovach Formation, Kysyl-pilyal, TADZHIKISTAN.
(Troodon isfarensis)

These next three I don't have any more information than what I have listed -
as well as a map location I'd like more details on formation, etc if anyone
has them.

Isan region, THAILAND.
Patagonia, ARGENTINA.
(Rebbachisaurus tessonei)
Thanks in advance
Graeme Worth