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Re: So-called sickle claws

A lot of really excellent ideas have been brought up on this subject.  I 
really like the controversies on Dromies, especially the ones about the claw.  
I believe the claw had many uses.  Most of all I believe it was used for 
killing.  The thing I am not really sure on is how they killed.  I think that 
the hand claws were often used in hunting, probably more than the toe claw.  
I think that the Dromies used the hands for holding on while slashing with 
the claw.  I also believe the hands slashed most vital areas with major 
arteries or other organs close to the skin. After the prey goes into shock or 
exhaustion then they use the large toe claw to slash areas such as the chest 
because it would be much easier than trying while the prey is struggling.  I 
truly believe the toe claw was used for killing, because I have a Utahraptor 
claw cast and it has a blood groove on it.  
     Sorry I couldn't send this earlier in the month, but I just got on the 
dinosaur mailing list yesterday.