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Re: Dinosaur locations

> From:          Graeme Worth <endocrin@opera.iinet.net.au>

> Hi, all
> Having spent a couple of days poring over a large atlas, I still have a
> couple of dinosaur locations that I cannot track down. If anyone has any
> information on these I'd appreciate hearing from you. Latitude and longitude
> would be ideal, but nearest large city or obvious landmark would do:
> Gres rouges infrace nomaniens, Tafilalt, southern MOROCCO
> (Sigilmassasaurus, Spinosaurus)

Tafilalt is the oasis in southeastern Morocco.  Er Rachidia is the 
capital.  Sorry, don't know the exact locale -- possibly it's a 
former L.E. outpost -- you might want to check with them!

> Barun Goyot Formation, Khuren Dukh, Gobi desert, MONGOLIA
> (Iguanodon)

It's in Khulsan, which is in the Eastern portion of the Negemt basin. 
I'm sure there's a map in Dinosaurs of the Flaming Cliffs (don't have 
my copy handy).

> Yalovach Formation, Kysyl-pilyal, TADZHIKISTAN.
> (Troodon isfarensis)

Sorry.  Never heard of it.  I know there's a Kysyl in Siberia, 
> These next three I don't have any more information than what I have listed -
> as well as a map location I'd like more details on formation, etc if anyone
> has them.
> Isan region, THAILAND.
> (Siamotyrannus)

Siamotyrannus was found in Phu Wiang Park in the Khon Kaen province 
of Isan, the traditional name for the tribes living in what is 
now Thailand's northeast area.  It's a big region but can basically 
be described as an arid plateau with rolling hills.  Arid, yes, but 
the great Mekong also banks upon the north border of Thailand.

> Patagonia, ARGENTINA.
> (Gasparinisaura)
> Patagonia.
> (Rebbachisaurus tessonei)

The Southern-most part of South America, comprising southern 
Chile and southern Argentina, including Tierra de Fuego.  Cold steppe 
and the spurs of the Andes: mostly untouched (for now) by man. 

> Thanks in advance

You're welcome!


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