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No, not growing dinosaurs, but how the number of SVP dinosaur talks has grown
over the years. 

Back when I was a wet behind the ears neopaleontologist, the first meeting I
attended was the 78 affair in Toronto. Still have the schedule. There were
six, that's right 6 dinotalks and 2 posters. And believe you me we were
grateful for them. All the other talks (there was just one session back in
those days) were on mammal teeth. Well, not all of them, but the mammal
oppressors ruled. Oh, the dreariness of it all. 

Ten years ago abstracts were published for the first time for the meeting in
Tucson. There were 9 dinotalks and 1 poster. Things were looking up! 

This year I count 61 dinotalks and posters! About two straight days worth of
the former. And some 160 posters overall. Its the paleoblob! Of course this
means we have exponential growth here. After running the data through the
Sandia Labs teraflop computer, my calculations are that there will be 1562.6
dinosaur presentations at the 2010 SVP, 13 on pterosaurs, 6 on sea reptiles,
and one poster on fossil mammals.