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GSP1954@aol.com wrote:
> The notion
> that fast walking elephants can move at anywhere near the speed of galloping
> rhinos and other ungulates - much less as fast as sprinting Olympians - is
> nonsense.

of course a walk faster than that is nonsense, but we are discussing the
amble, which is undocumented at this point at it's greatest speed.

> The elephant I timed was not, as Betty suggested, slow. It won the elephant
> race!

Well, I've won for-fun horse races on total slug horses which were only
slightly faster than other slug horses, but would not care to race that
same horse against thouroghbreds on a track.  I think, if you have
enough elephants to race, somehow you don't have the equivalent of a
race horse which has been bred for centuries to be a faster-than-normal
animal.  I think just having enough elephants IN the race is all that
Timing a second elephant would certainly increase your statistical

           Betty Cunningham  
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